We envision a world where companies are owned by the workers who labor together to built them

We envision a world where...

  • People are expanding resources rather than consuming them
  • Competition gives way to cooperation
  • Every region becomes self-sufficient, producing for itself all its people really need
  • The culture of celebrity and riches is abandoned in favor of valuing those who grow, build, craft, and create
  • Local marketplaces are owned by the farmers and craftsmen who supply them rather than corporations who put profit above people
  • People support Main Street instead of Wall Street
  • Companies are owned by the workers who labor together to built them
  • Farms that network together to share knowledge and increase production
  • The wealth of a nation is in its farms and factories and especially the people who work in them

To accomplish this, at Edendell Farms we are working to...

Expand our local food system, but this cannot happen unless we can help new growers learn the arts of gardening and the business of farming and then giving them access to real farmlands and farm systems that otherwise they could not afford. The fact is that although there is a great opportunity to meet growing market demand, entering the business of growing food is both expensive and hard. We hope to put growers and farmers into business by facilitating the development of a farmer-owned marketplace within a cooperative “growers network” supporting finance, supply, production and sales. Such a system stands in contrast to big corporate owned farms, retail stores, and marketing monopolies. Central to this Edendell Farms hopes to develop a farm campus where “what works” from each network farm can be modeled. All cooperative members will have unlimited access to the science and education the campus offers, as well as the business and management help they need in order to become successful and extremely profitable. Cooperative member accounts and banking ensure the best interest of each grower, where we help put other growers in business (not out of business) and thus expand cooperative into many farms.

If you find our vision appealing, you are welcome to join us in making it a reality.