More than a garden club, community garden or CSA workshare, the Farmshare program is just what it says, “a share of our farm.”

We help new growers learn the art of gardening and the business of farming

Could you start a farm? Want to?

We hope so, because Edendell's Farm Share program is about putting new farmers into business.

More than a garden club, community garden or CSA workshare, through FarmSHARE we teach the craft and business of farming and help people enter the growing business in a different way.

Why Farm Share?

There is a real need to expand our local farming system to meet escalating market demand for healthy, locally-grown food. This cannot happen unless we can help new growers learn the craft of gardening, teach them the “business” of farming, AND give them access to the farmlands and infrastructure that they could not afford using traditional methods. The fact is that, although farming provides a great opportunity and lifestyle, entering the business can be both expensive and hard, and Mother Nature can be unforgiving. So we are developing a program to solve this dilemma on both counts.

What is Farm Share?

Farm Share is a two year program where we "share" our farm with interns. Year one concentrates on learning production; year two emphasizes farm business management and the marketplace as well as providing each team of Interns access to farmland to put into production. This is equal to four semesters to learn the craft of growing.

Unlike a two-year college program, the end result of a FarmSHARE Internship is that you've actually conducted a small farm business and have the confidence, skill, and start-up fund to move forward on your own! These NEW farms also become part of our “cooperative growers network.”

To learn more or if Farm Share is for you, download the application to learn more!

At the end of the Farmshare Program you've actually started a small business